PC4-5I have found that a smoothie is an easy, manageable way to start my day. And by manageable I mean, my husband makes it and I grab it while bolting out the door, late for work. Another failed attempt at my resolution a few short hours earlier, promising to wake up earlier and not rush around. But the distractions win. Always. So I'm back to a smoothie in my car, commuting into Nashville. I love finishing the last few sips of my smoothie as the skyline appears in the distance. Mentally, I begin to prepare for the day ahead.


Blackberries are full of antioxidants and this smoothie is extra sweet with locally sourced honey from Johnson's Honey Farm in Goodlettsville, Tennessee from the Franklin Farmers Market. Determining the fruit-to-liquid ratio is difficult and we rarely measure ingredients in our household.  So, as a rule of thumb, start with less and add more as needed.

BLACKBERRY MORNING SMOOTHIE: 10-15 fresh or frozen blackberries 1 cup almond milk (adjust to your preference) 2 tbs frozen kale* 1/2 tbs honey 1 tbs chia seeds

Blend all ingredients together until consistency is smooth or to your preference.  Top with additional blackberries and chia seeds for more texture!  This smoothie fuels me with protein, energy, and resets my palette.

*I blend fresh kale with water and form into 1" round balls for freezing. Dropping 1 kale ball into a smoothie each day is a great replacement to ice cubes. PC4-8PC4-6PC4-2


This recipe will soon be featured in the Spring issue of Thryve Magazine. Visit to learn more about the heart and vision behind this gorgeous publication and get ready to order your spring issue. Their IG feed is also very pretty to look at! Cheers.