Coconut, Banana & Almond Butter Toast

PC-Breakfast-8Last week in February. New week of opportunity. Monday I had the terrifying pleasure of guest blogging on Pass The Pretty, a beautiful blog curated by 4 insanely-talented designers, photographers and writers who set the stage for all things creative, every week. The post featured 3 meals showcasing the simplicity of walking through one day completely meatless! Each recipe included local foods from the Franklin Farmers Market - like honey, kale, and butternut squash! Saturday graces us with a bit more time, so be sure to read the full blog post over at Pass the Pretty. For Plated Color today, I want to share all of the photos I took of the Coconut, Banana & Almond Butter Toast. (And a little behind the scenes).PC-Breakfast-1PC-Breakfast-2


PC-Breakfast-3PC-Breakfast-9   PC-Breakfast-4 PC-Breakfast-5Hamilton PC-Breakfast-6 PC-Breakfast-7