PC-LB-7 When a clean kitchen greets you on a Saturday morning, it is to be cherished. I don't want to mess it up, but the day presents itself with a very rare commodity: time. So, I've decided to make and share a simple breakfast recipe from fancy ingredients left over from dinner. You can tailor this recipe to include a roasted vegetable you have from a leftover meal, it doesn't have to be butternut squash. I just don't recommend roasting vegetables at 7:00am on a Saturday side by side brewing coffee. I've done it in the past. Just don't.

PC-LB-1My leftovers are from a guest blog post that was recently featured on PassThePretty and also shown in more detail on Plated Color, here.

For a basic scrambled eggs, whip together 2 to 3 eggs and combine with chilled (previously roasted) butternut squash and sauteed red onions. Scramble on medium heat. At the same time, butter the naan bread and place on a hot, flat skillet or griddle. Slightly toast the bread.

Cut the toasted bread in half and place the cooked scrambled egg mixture on top. Add thick slices of Harvarti cheese to melt between the cracks and corners. Top sandwich with sea salt and pepper before capping it off with the other half of  bread.

PC-LB-3PC-LB-4PC-LB-6PC-LB-2PC-LB-5Butternut squash & Havarti cheese are fresh and available items currently at the Franklin Farmers Market. I hope you'll venture out to a market in your area and shop local today. It'll do your heart good. Happy Saturday!