PC1-9 The first sentence of the my first recipe post. Good - that is out of the way...It's the dead of winter and I'm over it. Feeling determined to find colorful produce to make a salad, I head to the Franklin Farmers market. It's my Saturday morning routine. It's my therapy.

Fresh snow on the ground greets my morning. The market is smaller in the winter months, fewer farmers, fewer pickers. But, somehow it feels more special. The relationships I've built with my local farmers has space for conversation today. Jim, from Norton Family Farm (my "lettuce guy") has reserved a 1/2 lb bag of my favorite mixed greens. That is the foundation for this salad. Paired with bright orange carrots, shredded into ribbons from Kirkview Farm, and tossed with crunchy sprouts from Bloomsbury Farm. A blood orange, 1/2 avocado and 1 small tomato from somewhere much warmer & transported to Whole Foods finishes off the bowl. This salad makes me feel refreshed and energized.

PC1-2 PC1-3 PC1-5

The dressing is simply half a blood orange, juiced, and combined with 1 part balsamic vinegar and 2 parts extra virgin olive oil; heavily stirred. PC1-4 PC1-6 PC1-7 PC1-8Yum!