Mint, Lime & Cantaloupe Chiller, juicy, rich melons are appearing at the Delvin Farms table at the Franklin Farmers Market. Despite not having a great blender, I've been determined to make a fun chiller this summer. Previous posts have revealed the difficulty I have drinking any type of liquid that isn't, well, frankly, wine. All the ingredients are locally sourced from the Franklin Farmer's Market, plus a little help with limes & organic sparkling mineral water from Whole Foods. This was so quick to make and made a Saturday afternoon a lot more fun & refreshing. Melons are naturally hydrating and help with inflammation and digestion. Don't you love knowing the benefits to simple fruits & vegetables? Make your 'consuming experience' enjoyable (and empowering)., LIME & CANTALOUPE CHILLER: + 1 large cantaloupe from Delvin Farms + 1-2 handfuls of fresh mint leaves + 1/2 lime, juiced + 3 tablespoons honey + Sparkling mineral water

Dice cantaloupe and blend with lime juice and honey. Add in mint leaves at the end and pulse quickly. Pour mixture over ice, about 2/3 full in your glass. Top with sparkling mineral water and garnish with more mint, to your liking.

Foot notes: Ingredients from the Franklin Farmers Market. Glassware from Pier 1. Tray from Target. Photography by me and also shared on the Delvin Farms blog! Inspiration from My New Roots, by Sarah Britton.