Happy Tuesday & St. Patrick's Day, another Protein & Pantry List greets us at the mid-way point in March. Finding 'metal' gems to add to my pantry while featuring one of my favorite forms of protein this week: lentils! Today I've compiled a pretty list of fun things to cook with, organize stuff in, and plate colorful food on. These wish list items feature how I'd love to grow my dream kitchen, all centered around a power packed protein I keep stored in my pantry.

This week my protein is Lentils. There are a variety of types, such as whole green or red split. Whole green lentils work well for meat replacement recipes (Like my Vegetarian Sloppy Joes). They take a little while to cook, but retain form, so they work well for side dishes. Red split lentils tend to get mushy once cooked. They are ideal in Indian dishes or soups, since the texture is able to thicken the soup.  Stocking a pantry with protein leverages healthy, sustainable choices at every meal. Other pretty things source listed below!ProteinPantry-3ProteinPantryList

1. C2B 2-piece Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

2. Pottery Barn Architectural Brass Servers

3. C2B 3-piece mixed metal canister set

4. West Elm, Market Wood Kitchen Caddy

5. Whole Green Lentils, Trader Joes

6. Red Split Lentils, Trader Joes

7. Williams-Sonoma de Buyer Prima Matera Copper Stock Pot with lid