March flew by. Spring is here and this post concludes my Protein & Pantry List series! I've really had fun compiling these lists each Tuesday and hope you've gained some design inspiration as well as protein knowledge. Today I leave you with my favorite list. It's mostly white and centered around breakfast foods. Enjoy looking at the last pretty list of fun things to cook with, organize stuff in, and plate colorful food on.

This week my protein is oats. Grateful to begin a new day with hot oatmeal, berries, and eggs. Breakfast eases the mind of a vegetarian. Options seem endless and new. Maybe it's just the morning. Time before the day's demands hit.  Stocking a pantry with protein leverages healthy, sustainable choices at every meal. Other pretty things source listed below!ProteinPantry-5ProteinPantryList

1. Crate & Barrel Egg Crate

2. Chemex 8 Cup Classic, Pour Over Coffee

3. Crate & Barrel Beck Serving Board

4. Crate & Barrel Berry Box Colander

5. Crate & Barrel Honey Dispenser

6. Target Threshold Wire Round Basket