Radish, Pecan, and Red Apple Vinaigrette Salad

PlatedColor-RadishRedAppleBalsamic-4Happy New Year from Plated Color. It's hard to believe last January I started this blog and now I've come full circle. With new collaborations in the works & a Vitamix I can't wait to keep learning how to use, I'm hoping to post more this year. I’ve started to make salads for my coworkers occasionally, which has been such a cool way to not just show people "pretty" salads, but allow them to taste the pretty. Local, organic produce changes things—and it’s impossible to turn back.

This salad was super quick to throw together. The only chopping required was at fault of the radishes & lettuce. Hesitant, always, with the bite of a radish—a new salad dressing I can’t wait to share helped tone down the kick. I was able to finally enjoy each forkful of the pinkish-red vegetable.PlatedColor-RadishRedAppleBalsamic-1INGREDIENTS: (Serves 5-6) + Head of lettuce (or mixed green variety) + Small radishes, finely diced. + Pecans, coarsely chopped + Chia seeds + Feta + Sprouts + Salt & Pepper + Aged Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar Condimento, Herban Market + Picual Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Herban Market

METHOD: Chop the lettuce and dice the radishes. Toss into a bowl with a handful of pecans, feta, and sprouts. Top with chia seeds. No measurements were included in the ingredients, because a salad can be tailored to how much lettuce you like with the other “stuff.” You be the judge! Sometimes I like it to be 50/50 ratio, but other times, I just want the simplicity of fresh organic lettuce to shine the brightest.

For the Red Apple Vinaigrette, mix 1 part olive oil to 2 parts Aged Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar with a dash of salt and pepper. Mix until fully blended and heavily coat salad. PlatedColor-RadishRedAppleBalsamic-3bPlatedColor-RadishRedAppleBalsamic-2PlatedColor-RadishRedAppleBalsamic-6PlatedColor-RadishRedAppleBalsamic-5  PlatedColor-RadishRedAppleBalsamic-7