Pc-PPP-Dinner-10Life moments when new flavors or experiences come bursting to the surface. Questioning how you lived so long with out said flavor or experience. Has this happened to you? For me it was this pizza. Among a few other fantastic vegetarian recipes, when I first made this pizza, fears about never eating meat again were put to rest. This recipe is hearty, satisfying, and full of flavor. My friends who blog at PassThePretty featured this recipe and I want to catalog a few more of the photos I snapped while preparing this recipe. For the full ingredient list and prep details, hop on over to the Meatless Monday post on


The prep time on this is about an hour, so pour a glass of wine—and get ready for a new pizza experience.  It's important to note the butternut squash is in season right now at the Franklin Farmers Market, and I picked up fresh thyme from Bloomsbury Farm at Whole Foods along with the 365 brand of naan bread. I hope you'll branch out from standard red sauce and white cheese and give this a try.

Be sure to check back Saturday morning for how to utilize these pizza leftovers into a breakfast dish. I can't wait! After that, I might lay off butternut squash for awhile, but don't hold me to it. #favorite