PC2-5Butternut squash. How did I go so many years of my life without it? Pale blush color, quirky shapes and sizes, butternut squash never disappoints. It's an excellent all-purpose winter squash. Thankful that Kirkview Farm, a year round contributor to the Franklin Farmers Market, is still bringing it week after week. PC2-2

PC2-1This recipe is original, stemming from years of figuring out the best ingredients to mix with quinoa. I haven't found anything truly adverse to the super grain, but have discovered a few of my favorite vegetables to pair with it. Cue: butternut squash & brussel sprouts. Roast with raw pine nuts, olive oil, salt and pepper, and fresh thyme sprigs for about 25-30 minutes or until slightly brown & soft. To turn up the flavor & feel a little fancy, I sprinkled Queen's Cupboard black truffle salt over the vegetables. I picked up this gem from a local maker at the Indie Craft Parade in South Carolina. Combine the roasted vegetables with the cooked quinoa & top with feta. Serve warm.

It looks & sounds impressive, but the truth is, it's a really simple recipe. And I need more simple in my life. Pouring ideas and creativity in my work sometimes definitely sucks the life out of me during the week. But that doesn't mean my diet has to suffer. Eating clean foods from locally sourced farms fuels me to keep going, keep making, creating, doing, and ultimately being fully alive.PC2-8