Spring Salad with Raspberries and Pistachios

PlatedColor-RaspberryKale4How is it that a local BURGER restaurant has some of the best SALADS in Nashville? Done well and sourced locally—Nashville is stepping up the game for foodies and I’m so happy to partake in the efforts all around the city. This salad is inspired by the Holiday Salad from Burger Up. I was very sad to see it disappear off their new menu recently, so instead of just crying about it, I decided to make a variation of this salad at home to help fill the void. I replaced dried raspberries for cranberries and used local Siberian kale from Norton Family Farms instead of mixed greens. Complete with pistachios, balsamic vinaigrette and a sharp cheddar reserve cheese from Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese . It was at the Franklin Farmer’s Market, mouth watering, begging to be sampled (who isn’t up for a sample of cheese at 8:00am)? So, while my budget gets scared at the cost of nuts and higher quality cheeses, this salad absolutely demands the best of the best! Simple, sweet ingredients. PlatedColor-RaspberryKale3This salad would be perfect for a light, summer dinner on a patio (or roof top—we just pulled out all our furniture again), with a cheese platter, crackers (shown here with Blue Diamond Artisan Nut Thins) and white wine. Coppola was gifted to me a few years ago for my birthday (thanks, Kim!) and I’ve been obsessed with dry, oaky notes ever since. I can’t wait to toss this together for a girls night on the roof. Who’s in?

Ingredients: + Olive oil + Balsamic vinegar + Siberian Kale, finely chopped + Pistachios (shelled) + Dried Raspberries (from Whole Foods) + Cheddar Reserve from Kenny’s

Method: Mixed 2 parts olive oil to 1 part balsamic vinegar. Shake vigorously and pour over finely chopped kale until thoroughly coated, or to your liking. Set aside. Shave the cheese and toss into the kale with the nuts and berries. Serve with crackers and white wine.

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