Strawberry & Bee Pollen Breakfast Toast

PlatedColor-StrawberryToastwithBeePollen2The organic unfolding of a morning, inspired by new strawberries, perfectly ripe in season from Delvin Farm’s. Growing up, my dad always tossed sugar into diced strawberries, covered them in a bowl with saran wrap, and allowed magic to happen while it chilled and turned into syrup-y heaven in the fridge. Last night, I did this and awoke to the softened, juicy berries. (I used unrefined coconut sugar, a bit better than the white stuff!) I wasn’t planning on shooting a recipe, but as I was looking around my kitchen for what to top my toast with, my joy began bursting with the colors. So, I grabbed my camera and snapped away, devoured the toast, and actually made it to work on time this week!

Pairing a familiar taste with something new makes the new, less scary. I bought bee pollen at the Franklin Farmer’s Market last week from Paula Morton’s bee farm in Greenbrier, Tennessee.

PlatedColor-StrawberryToastwithBeePollen5 PlatedColor-StrawberryToastwithBeePollen4

PlatedColor-StrawberryToastwithBeePollen1Strawberry & Bee Pollen Breakfast Toast

INGREDIENTS: + Organic almond butter + Coconut flakes + Strawberries, diced and coated in unrefined coconut sugar, set overnight in fridge + Local Honey + Local Bee Pollen + Whole wheat oat bread

METHOD: Toast bread and spread organic almond butter on. Top with coconut flakes, strawberries and bee pollen. Drizzle with local honey.


Sprinkling local bee pollen on foods, like toast or oatmeal, is said to help allergies and stomach problems. Bee pollen contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and protein. However, not much research is conclusive just yet on the true benefits of using bee pollen, and WedMD says it is not safe for pregnant women (i.e. all of my friends). As always, you should consult with your doctor before trying bee pollen, as it may cause a serious allergic reaction. It didn’t for me and I read that AFTER eating and surviving!  With that note, I should remind you all, I’m just in love with colorful food and styling it. By no means use this blog as a springboard for natural health remedies. :)