Summer Toast Four Ways

PlatedColor-Toast9I knew a CSA basket was on the agenda for Saturday. Coming off of a busy week with traveling, work, and freelance projects, my head felt full and unable to come up with a new recipe to share on the blog. As dread began to creep in, I put it to a halt immediately. Because the seasons freshest fruits and vegetables don't need to be complicated. I don't need to figure out how to make a pie or a new, difficult casserole. The only energy I had left was to make a piece of toast. This blog is  NOT about me becoming a master cook. I just know that I like colorful food, and I when I'm hungry, I want to eat right then and there. Toast does that and toast is what I made. Summer means blackberries and blueberries are all over the Franklin Farmers Market. I snatched up blackberries, plump tomatoes and basil from Delvin Farms (be sure to check them out each month for duel Plated Color posts hosted on their blog!) Jones Mill Farm bakes awesome, breads; shown here is their Whole Wheat Oatmeal loaf. Ricotta cheese, avocado, mascarpone and organic hummus from Whole Foods serves as the base for each piece of toast. You can see my decision making skills are poor this week as I wanted to eat FOUR different types. Benefiting you, more to explore and more to taste! Breakfast, lunch, or a snack will never have to be the same. Consider your toast game top notch.


TOAST WITH MASCARPONE, BLACKBERRIES & HONEY + Toast bread, let cool slightly before spreading mascarpone, top with blackberries and drizzle with local honey.


TOAST WITH HUMMUS, TOMATO, AND FRESH BASIL + Toast bread, spread with hummus. Halve tomato from Delvin Farms and slice into thin wedges. Arrange on toast and sprinkle in small, fresh basil leaves.

PlatedColor-Toast4 PlatedColor-Toast5PlatedColor-Toast11

TOAST WITH AVOCADO, YELLOW TOMATOES, CLOVER SPROUTS, AND RED PEPPER FLAKES. + Halve avocado and slice. Slice yellow tomato from Bloomsbury Farm in coins. Top on toasted bread with sprouts and garnish with red pepper flakes.


TOAST WITH RICOTTA CHEESE, BLUEBERRIES, AND ORGANIC COCONUT FLAKES + Toast bread and let cool slightly before spreading ricotta cheese. Arrange blueberries and generously sprinkle with coconut flakes.