Watermelon & 'Orange' Tomato Caprese Salad

PlatedColor.com-WatermelonCaprese7Caprese salad, the small plate favorite in my world. Each component a flavor burst of its own kind, coming together to form a wonderful bond on a gorgeous plate. When my CSA from Bloomsbury Farms had orange slicer tomatoes and melons started appearing at the Franklin Farmers Market, I loved the color-juxtaposition idea of using orange tomatoes with red watermelon for a non-traditional caprese salad. The effort and skill are minimal here. (Which is perfect for busy seasons of life without sacrificing fun, and pretty dinner ideas). To make this meal more substantial, I paired it with naan bread, glazed with olive oil, broiled for about 1 minute or until charred. The salad below doesn't need directions or step by step instructions. Simply toss together all the ingredients on a plate. Done & ready to enjoy immediately.

PlatedColor.com-WatermelonCaprese3INGREDIENTS: + Mini Watermelon, diced to your liking + Orange slicer tomato, diced + Fresh basil leaves, sliced into thin strips + Organic mozzarella cheese medallions, cubed + Pinch of Black Truffle sea salt + Balsamic Vinegar, splash small amounts to your liking over all ingredients